Philippines Outreach

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Be Bold Street Ministries arrived in Manilla November 3rd following a long flight over the international border. In the various airports, countless travelers learned of our outreach and the Gospel unfolded.

The flight from Los Angeles to Taiwan had several opportunities to share Jesus. Jim met a biologist who learned that Jesus fulfils his Judist prophesy, Matt and Josh encouraged a chemist who quoted, "This is a plane ride I'll never forget." Andrew met a Yoga instructor who learned when she was younger, she proclaimed Jesus as savior and there is nothing she can do to lose that salvation.

We met Hope City who also does street ministry on their way to the Philippines to meet their compassion children. We prayed together.

Luggage claim was a scary time. We had 10 pieces of luggage that took forever to show up. The constant reminder that God is in control and how He got us here was spoken. If we aren't supposed to hand out T-shirts, so be it. If we didn't have our PA system, God is still in control. Suddenly 9 pieces appeared. When Jim finally went to report his remaining bag missing, it turns out the Alaska Airline tape it was wrapped in had been removed, but Jim's final bag had arrived.


We couldn't believe the greeting that befell us. Revealing Christ's Glory Global Ministry was at the airport in force. Waving a banner from the second story heralding our arrival. They had made a banner with each of our faces declaring the mission that had arrived.


Over a delightful meal we met our interpreters Maybelle, Sara Marie (Sam), and Michelle. Pastor Mariano blessed us with encouragment and Jim laid out our next few days. We prepared our lesson for Sunday evening and after 28 hours of travel, we prepare for an early morning.

Tomorrow we will start at 9am with Calamba and the sister church meeting together. God has done so many amazing things, and the outreach hasn't even begun. Tomorrow we will be doing our first Most Excellent Way in the Philippines, discussing Humility.