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It was such a blessing to join Revealing Christ Glory Global Ministry for church on Sunday. Conveniently, their worship was in English, and the praise of Jesus was exactly what we needed to start our week. RCGGM building RCGGM prays

Matt was called on stage to reveal Christ's activity in his life. His testimony was meaningful to many present. At the call, we estimate 70 people raising their hands, dedicating their lives to Jesus. Keith was called to the close the service in prayer. You wouldn't know it, but we later found out that Keith wasn't asked to prepare for the honor.

We were blessed with a traditional meal with the congregation. Then the photos began. We took pictures with around 200 Philippinos in every combination imaginable. It brings me to tears how much love we are shown in the Philippines. Half the world apart and we are family.

After church we relaxed with Jim at his house and discussed an exciting future with BBSM in the Philippines. We took a neighborhood stroll and witnessed in the slums. slums

That evening The Most Excellent Way began in the Philippines. A last minute change allowed us to go the local Barangay. In the Philippines, the cities are broken into precincts, then Barangay. If you had a problem that needed law enforcement, you would contact the Barangay. If the response required capital force, the city police would then be contacted by the Barangay.

This was the fourth session of a faith based drug addiction class, hosted by RCCGM at the Barangay. Offenders are given the opportunity to take seven sessions of faith based drug addiction class, and upon passing a drug test, are freed from more drastic consequences. We had another packed room, with 30 'surrenders' and 20 officers and officials. Between RCCGM and BBSM there were another 15.

The Barangay councilor Eddie Sylva was present, and in his introduction called on his community to treat us like family. Pastor Mariano welcomed his American friends and asked Jim to transition. Jim testified about his combat experience and upbringing in the Philippines, and how God rescued him from a life of chaos. At which point we were all given the opportunity to share our testimony.

By the time Josh presented, there were tears in the crowd. When he asked for those present to bow their heads, he specifically asked the law enforcement to bow as well. What happened next was surprising. Josh asked those who wanted to surrender to Jesus and let him accomplish the work in their lives, a spattering of hands went up. Over the next minute, the hands kept raising. Not only those seeking freedom from addiction, but the law enforcement began to ask Jesus into their hearts.


Then the lesson began. We taught out of Psalm 40 on Humility. Three lessons were distributed to this group, translated into Tagalog. We demonstrated connecting with the scripture and asked that they meet independently to go over the remaining lessons on victorious life.

Over 100 people surrendered to Jesus today.

Tomorrow we are joining the Mayor at a flag ceremony.