BBSM Reaches into Prisons

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Our first stop on Tuesday was into the provincial jail. We had an opportunity to go to a group of 96 women who are incarcirated. In response to the four testimonies, 80 women surrendered to Christ. We were able to give hygine kits to the women in this prison. Pastor Mariano has a relationship in this jail and we are thankful that they will continue to receive the Gospel ongoing.

We revisited the city jail where a hundred were saved yesterday. We took the Most Excellent Way and hygine kits in. There were eight new faces in the jail, and all gave their lives to Christ. We were able to share Psalm 40 lesson on humility. They were able to keep the materials and we will be back to work trough another lesson.

In the afternoon we were able to perform street ministry in RCGGM region. We talked with individuals, eplaining the Gospel and how Christ performed miracles in our lives. At one sitting eight people surrendered to Christ. We met other believers who encouraged us and shared with us the transforming power of Christ in their lives.

street kids

In preparation for our visit to the schools tomorrow we stocked up. We're hoping to reach the kids tomorrow with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and give them a picture of a hardened life of addiction. About 50% of teenagers are already using drugs.


Finally, BBSM visited Prayer House Christian Ministries. We met councilor Charisse Marie Hernandez's mother who is a pastor. This was an invitation to begin a relationship with other local churches. We outlined the success in the city to move towards Sipag victory outreach and offered training to conduct Most Excellent Way with local churches. We're praying that Jesus will open these doors at just the right time. We are praying for Chairman Ernie, Richard, and Tony. Please pray for their congregations and that servants who have a passion for the lost would join reaching into the darkness with the hope of a risen Savior.

Prayer House Christian Ministries

We are praying that the Gospel will reach all 560 students tomorrow. So far 329 people have been won for the Lord! Thank you Jesus for your great work.