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RCGGM was asked to establish a relationship with Eduardo Barretto Sr., a public school in Calamba. Despite being in a resort portion of the town, most of the resort workers come from very far away to work. The principal pressed the biggest problems are school attendance, drug addiction, and early pregnancy. The children can believe that starting a family would get them out of life they are in, but it only leads to the same kind of problems.


BBSM was able to present our testimonies in two sessions to conservatively 570 students. Andrew touched on his choices to abandon higher learning to chase women and party, having to work to support his family instead of going to college. Keith highlighted his early choice to drink to feel accepted. Josh spoke of his gang lifestyle in and out of school. Matt went to prison for trying to murder somebody instead of going to school.

In the first session, we were speaking to mainly 7th and 8th grade students. There wasn't an empty chair in the open air courtyard. When Matt explained that like all of, he couldn't accomplish the change in his life without Jesus. At the call for everyone who wanted to surrender to Jesus, when Matt asked those to raise their hands, we could not find one hand down.

See, this isn't just a one time visit to the school. During this ceremony, representatives from the school, RCCGM, BBSM, and the PTA sat down and signed a contract. This contract binds RCCGM to minister to the school. This is a weekly commitment to bring scripture to the kids who surrendered to Jesus. By signing this contract, the students will receive teaching on how to live for Jesus. Thank you Pastor Mariano for commiting to these children, and all the servants who will continue to show up for them.

The second event was nearly as big as the first. These students were from grades 7th 12th. As before, we demonstrated the commitment to the school by establishing the contract before the kids and teachers, and revealed God's glory in our lives. We clearly expressed how Jesus was the only solution to our problems, and that Jesus Christ and the power that rose him from the grave is available to them. They responded.

Schools Response

We were able to give them some treats, but we thank God for the response at that school. We are so amazed that the power of Jesus Christ, and the calling of God brought 570 to repentance today.

Back at the church, we broke out with a few of our skills. Andrew worked with the music team to test equipment, train the music director, and give feedback about how Salem Heights is set up. Josh and Matt joined the prayer warriors and they prayed for the success of the church and the effectiveness of their ministries.

We ended the evening with Most Excellent Way. All the work we are doing here lies in the success of ongoing support. The turn out was incredible. There were 40 interested leaders coming from across the city to learn how to operate the Jesus centered 1-step victory program. We ran through a sample lesson and trained those present on the format. We explained the materials are being translated and provided. We even celebrated victory.

RCCGM Most Excellent Way

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes - Romans 1:16

Tomorrow we go into a much poorer district, Calauan. Pray for the students, and pray for the people in Calauan