BBSM at RCCGM Calauan

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We switched gears today and went to Calauan, east of Calamba City. Calauan is remote, rural, and is missing some of the ameneties of the bigger city. For example, water was not available during our visit.

RCGGM Calauan

BBSM were asked to share at RCGGM Calauan in a special session that brought a greater attendance then their normal Sunday morning. An outdoor shelter was erected to hold all of those present.

As a special praise to the Lord, Romans 6 was recited from memory. During our testimony and encouragement, Matt was moved to lead us in a refrain of Jesus, Lover of my Soul. Josh made the call to surrender. There were 56 people who asked Jesus to enter their lives at this outreach. We followed it with a meal, feeding 350 people. The kids received a bag of candy.

Matt sings

We are praying for this church to grow. They do not have the facilities to hold their current attendance. We've asked Jesus to make a way that their walls could be further apart and more could be able to come in. They are currently looking at the building next door, but we need prayer for this church to be able to minister to the people of Calauan as many want to be here, but their reach is limited by the building.

Once the traditional siesta was coming to a close, we began to go door to door, following up on the event. People who were present were taught to read their Bibles, to come to church, and to seek a mentor. For those whose Sunday morning attendance was challenged by infants or other limits, a weekly Bible study in their homes were arranged. We gathered names and addresses for follow up.

Those that had not accepted Jesus as their savior were presented the Gospel. There were 20 people during this that were led to Jesus. There were those who had been saved but in isolation, haven't been practicing their faith. A woman brought me her Bible. She had to get a chair to stand on to bring it down, and it was covered in dust. A previous worship leader, the cares of the world had disconnected her from her faith. She made a new place for her Bible, pominent in her home and committed to opening up the pages again. RCGGM will be coming back to her and helping to encourage her that the power of Jesus in our lives is effective, and brings joy. There are many such stories of impact beyond those who salvation was found.

In the evening, we visited a group of basketball and baseball players. We gave two testimonies, followed by a call to surrender to Jesus. At the event, 200 people accepted Jesus.


We were blessed to watch a few exciting basketball games, then we were able to provide meals for 350. We invited the players to church. Everyone in Calauan was warm and inviting.

All in, there were 700 meals and 276 souls today.

For the week we are at 1500 meals and 1175 people surrendered to Christ.

Tomorrow we are doing a celebration with the Church and more training.

The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ - Matthew 25:40