Reflections on the Philippines

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With a saddened heart we returned to the United States. There was so much more to do in the Philippines. Just as we were getting to know everyone, it seemed it was already time to leave.

We were given the most amazing celebration to recognize the effectiveness of the outreach. All glory be given to God for calling a few men with jaded pasts to come from so far with a message of hope. We continue to pray for the effectiveness of the church left behind to shepherd those who come.


This is not the end of the story. We have created a collaboration point for translations and materials. We have created relationships with politicians and pastors, who we will be following up with to further the Jesus agenda. We are currently working on our next trip, with many more servants, with a greater impact and a further reach.

We are grateful to the donors who made this trip possible. We were able to have 1175 individuals respond to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were able to hand out 200 pounds of clothing. We served over 1500 meals across two cities in addition to 300 bags of candy. We were able to cover the rent and the monthly utility bills for the two churches that we have partnered with for a year. We met addicts like us, both in need of victory and those who we shared victory in Jesus. And we are going back.


We are beginning to shift gears now that we are back. We are looking for support for the beautiful Filipino nation. They are the most amazing people who endure heartbreak with a smile and only show love. I can't wait to be back on the ground. Hearing more stories, meeting more individuals, and watching God transform more souls.

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