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As the year comes to a close, we are asking you to consider partnering with Be Bold Street Ministries. Give Online

We operate year round to provide the hope of a Risen Savior to the homeless in Salem and across the world.

We operate as a non-profit. A Christ centered non-profit. The way we are able to do this is by your donations.

Over this last year, the Gospel went forth, and it accomplished what God had planned. Every month, on the second Saturday we host We See You at Cafe Shine. This breakfast is for the homeless in Salem. This even is a sit down restaurant style breakfast without cost. We build relationships with them, sing songs of worship, and share Christ. It is due to the love that God first showed us.

Monday through Sunday we are on the streets handing out clothes, tents, sleeping bags, tarps, propane. You do this for them. Your contributions are going to keep these activities running. We put people up in a room if they are entering detox the next day so they can clean up before entering into treatment.

Next We See You breakfast, we are handing out gift bags. Salem Heights youth is helping support this financially, but there is no end to this need. For Chirstmas, we are going to the UGM and handing out gifts as well. You will see us there Chirstmas Eve, serving a meal and handing out gifts.

Our ministry has been moving through the region, including Portland, Spokane, Seattle. Each of these cities we have visited and provided support and prayers, sharing the Gospel and the hope that is Jesus.

Every summer we celebrate the birthdays of our homeless population at Marion Park. 650 people were reached this last summer and people were saved. This outreach is a massive undertaking with one hundred volunteers and around one thousand meals are planned for 2019.

Not everyone can show up to help out, even though many have. You can provide financially or in-kind gifts that we hand out such as clothing, sleeping bags, jackets, tents, and food. We were founded by the simple principle of handing out water bottles, and there is always a need for cases of water.

Up until this November, 600 people have responded to the call of salvation. In November, when we went to the Philippines, 1175 people said yes to the free gift of salvation, and there are many more that we have an opportunity to reach. We provided 1500 meals during the trip. These things are paid for by people just like you.

We paid the entire rent and electric bill and water bill for an entire year for both churches we work with. If you gave, thank you for doing this. There are 14 Most Excellent Way programs taught each week in the Philippines now, including the adopted High School, Eduardo Barretto. In order to graduate high school students must complete The Most Excellent Way curriculum and the Bible introduced as the sole textbook for moral excellence.

People led to the Lord are showing up the next Sunday. A week later, people are baptized. This is what you will be partnering with. We are going back next year, and a portion of the contributions will be paying for this outreach. We are planning a festival for the displaced of Calauan. We will have music and preaching and feeding the entire crowd.

We are weekly providing for the teachers in the Philippines for their materials and their ability to provide Bibles and snacks.

Prayerfully consider what the Lord has blessed you with and what impact you could have on the world.

Give Online

Make your check out to BBSM and send it to:

PO Box 13864
Salem OR 97309

Thank you!