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Be Bold is committed to sharing the gospel with everyone. We are traveling to Mexico to reach out to those in the most difficult of circumstances. Our recent projects involved sharing with cartels, visiting jails, and reaching out to those in the streets. Through our work, we aim to bring faith, love, and transformation, bringing a positive impact to people's lives in the name of Jesus.

BBSM-FEB23-mexico lockdown rehab-2.jpeg
BBSM-FEB23-mexico lockdown rehab.jpeg


We partner with several pastors and their church families in the country of Mexico and travel to several cities. Sharing the gospel is at the heart of everything we do at Be Bold. Our projects aim to empower and educate communities, and highlight the transformative power of faith.

BBSM-FEB23-mexico facility.jpeg

Mexico facility where 33 people were saved, many of them were cartel members.

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