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Read about what our team is currently doing on the streets of our communities.

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Loving Our Neighbors

We met with Mike Silva to prepare for our trip at the end of November to the Dominican Republic. Please be praying for this trip as we all desire God to do amazing things. Please be praying for the in country folks who are on the ground preparing the way. We are asking for you all to start praying now and pray daily for this trip. God is faithful to answer!

We hit the streets with our brother Hank Crapser. We love the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program, which Hank is a Navigator for!

In partnership with Adult and Teen Challenge, the Lord provided us all the opportunity to love our neighbors as ourselves!

We’re so thankful for the invite and the opportunity to be at The Veterans Stand Down at the new YMCA! Thank you to our community impact partner ARCHES for putting together such a needed event for our veterans! Thank you also to all the wonderful folks from the many different organizations!

The body of Christ came together to put feet to the highways and byways. Loving our neighbors as ourselves!

Snack and meals were provided to youth within our school district. There are so many youth in our community with food insecurities! The Lord has allowed us to help meet this need for multiple years now.

All For His glory and His Kingdom! YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!


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