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In partnership with Calvary Chapel, Be Bold Street Ministries shares the Gospel with all people on the streets in Klamath Falls. Now the church regularly performs outreach with Gospel-focused instruction and provides those experiencing homelessness with food, warm clothes and hygiene supplies. Klamath Falls is the first BBSM chapter outside of Salem.

Be Bold Street Ministry serving the homeless in Kalamath Falls


Be Bold Street Ministries has been blessed with the opportunity to work alongside local churches in the Philippines. In partnership with RCGGM Ministries, Be Bold comes alongside pastors in the Philippines to work in drug outreach programs and street evangelism.


We are looking forward to our next trip to the Philippines. Due to COVID-19, this trip has been postponed to a later date. With a team of 20-30 people, we will enter schools, Treatment facilities, provincial jails, prisons, and local churches, sharing the gospel wherever we go. During this week of ministry, we invite the community to a festival at the end of the trip. Over the course of our two years of service in the Philippines, we have seen over 4,500 people give their lives to the Lord. We pray that God will be glorified in the upcoming festival, and that it will again bring the lost to Jesus Christ.

Be Bold Street Ministry serving a school of impoverished children in the philippines
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