Outreach We See You Breakfast

Cafe Shine is not currently hosting We See You Breakfast. Come to Arches on April 13th. Cafe Shine was a remarkable partner with Be Bold Street Ministries. They allowed us to use their space to host a sit down breakfast for the homeless. Cafe Shine hosted We See You breakfast from August 2018 to January 2019. Many were saved as a result of this event. Be Bold Street Ministries was able to sit down, take orders, and pray with the homeless in Salem during this outreach. 25 people were saved during this 6 month outreach. We are grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for reaching into the darkness and pulling people out. Over 1000 meals were served and hundreds prayed for. We partnered with a dozen churches and organizations to provide clothing, candy, toiletries, and non-perishable food to go.

Cooking for these folks brings joy to our hearts. We were able to provide over a thousand meals during this outreach. There was dozens of people who showed up and helped cook food, wait on those served, and pray.
Every time we served breakfast, people came early and enjoyed fellowship and coffee outside.