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Read about what our team is currently doing on the streets of our communities. You can also follow our Facebook page here. To God be the glory!


Happy New Year! January was a big month. Praise God!

We started the year by wrapping up the 12 days of Christmas out at Church at the Park. Thanks to Cindy Lou’s BBQ for coming out once again to serve delicious food to our folks. God really blessed us with such an amazing team! God gets ALL the credit for what we get to do!

Cleaning Up

The BBSM Klamath Falls team and The Klamath Gospel Mission led a massive clean up of over 6,000lbs!

In Salem, we got to partner with Mustang Ridge construction, and the ROCC, with a clean up at Verda and Hyacinth. We got to load up a trailer filled with trash and it was taken to the dump. God is good and providing in such away that benefits everyone. God is so good!

Feeding the Hungry

This month we supported the Salem Angels by purchasing a couple stacks of MOD pizzas! All of these pizzas went to those in need throughout our city!

We also wanna give a huge shout out to DAYNIGHT DONUTS on South Commercial! We picked up 20 dozen donuts and delivered them to our dear neighbors who call the streets of our city home.

FOODOLOGY made 120 amazing meals for our dear neighbors who call the streets of our city home! A huge shout out to Dj Vincent, Church at the park, THE ROCC, SLF, and every team member that was there!

We also had a bunch of the fellas hittin' the streets around the city, giving treats to help those in need. All for God's glory and His Kingdom!

We are loving our neighbors as ourselves!

Meeting many needs with, The ROCC & Salem Housing Authority. Sharing Christ, Providing new shoes, rain gear, service packets, and treats for the streets! We picked up many pairs of shoes from one of our amazing eternal impact partners BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS. We also wanna give a huge shout out to Tim, Brad and their entire team! Many amazing opportunities to share Christ, and many prayers with our neighbors, and many connections to great services providers today! All for God's glory and His Kingdom! YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!

God is doing big things in Greenville South Carolina!

This month we had the opportunity to visit and serve in Greenville South Carolina and God allowed us to be apart of some really cool outreach. We got the privilege to speak to the college women’s softball team, then hit the streets to share the gospel. There was a big outreach event at Poe Baptist Church. In downtown Greenville, we got to serve breakfast to our friends and neighbors on the street before we invited and took them to church. What a true blessing to be apart of what God has going on! So thankful that we GET to do this!

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day we got to take out a bunch of Corban University student to serve our friends and neighbors on the streets. We got to partner with the ROCC and had food provided by Denny’s restaurant. What an amazing day we had! God is so good!

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