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Read about what our team is currently doing on the streets of our communities.

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Loving Our Neighbors In Oregon

We are loving our neighbors as ourselves! We got to have prayer time with some of our family and meet some needs.

With The ROCC, we were able to help our brother Keith get some shelter. Please pray for Keith in this time of transition.

We met up with our brother Hank Crapser who is with the L.E.A.D program to meet the needs of those in need! We love partnering with L.E.A.D program!

We picked up a bunch of needed items from one of our longtime eternal impact partners. Brad and his team at BIG 5 Sporting Goods on South Commercial always do an amazing job, and the heart they have for our community is such a blessing!

We got to meet with a member of the Oregon State Senate to discuss access to services for our unsheltered neighbors. Thank you Kim Thatcher for actually taking time as a Senate member to come ask questions to get a better understanding as you speak on behalf of the people in your district. God is really doing some amazing things! We are thankful for this opportunity. Thank you Eric and Victoria from Soaring Heights recovery homes as well for your continued support and desire to serve.

The Lord provided us with an awesome opportunity to come together with our brothers and sisters to reach the community and surrounding areas at Canyon Creek Bible Fellowship in the city of Colton!

Shout out to Marion Counties YRAP & RAP housing teams for hittin' the streets with us to love our neighbors.

We had an amazing time at The Most Excellent Way's national conference at Salem Heights Church, where we attend. We were so blessed to be a part of each service with The Most Excellent Way addictions victory group where we serve on staff!

Praise God! We had an amazing day of outreach to multiple locations in our community! We are so thankful for all these wonderful folks coming together to our community impact. Thank you Senator Kim Thatcher, Ideal Options, L.E.A.D, Soaring Heights Recovery Homes!

All for God's glory and His Kingdom! YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!

Ministry in the Philippines

Praise God! We are so blessed to be in Partnership with the OCMA in the beautiful nation of the Philippines! This is one of many Christ centered, Gospel focused ministries that we are blessed to support through God's provisions.

All for God's glory and His Kingdom! YOUR PRAYERS MATTER! WE LOVE THE PHILIPPINES!


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