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Read about what our team is currently doing on the streets of our communities.

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The Dominican Republic Mission Trip

We hit the streets, the highways and byways with Mike Silva International and No Boundaries International and NBI Amarillo. Multiple people said yes to the free gift of salvation and many people were prayed with. Praise God! What a blessing it was to share at two different schools and over 300 youth were saved by belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ!

All for God’s glory and His Kingdom! YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!

Serving Our Neighbors On The Streets

Hittin' the streets, the highways and byways, in partnership with Calvary Chapel, IDEAL OPTIONS, and The ROCC! Loving our neighbors as ourselves.

We are so thankful to come alongside Marion Counties LEAD program, with cold weather Jackets for our neighbors in need.

This is our second year of partnering with Ryan, his family and Windermere Heritage and it has produced much fruit! We’re so thankful for there love for our neighbors in need!

In partnership with Jefferson Baptist Church, God has allowed us to come alongside some of our most underserved this Christmas and throughout the year. Our houseless youth and moms and kiddos in need. A huge shout out to Haley and the whole team at HOME youth services, and Debbie Hall at New Options!

All for God’s glory and His Kingdom! YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!

We See You Event

This was a great Christmas event! Around 20 people said yes to the free gift of Salvation and 8 people connected with treatment and hundreds served. Praise God with us for the folks who accepted the free gift of salvation!

So many folks came to volunteer to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors on the streets. Over 700 meals were served by Cindy Lou’s and Bridgeway’s Rolling Cafe. Hundreds upon hundreds of cold weather sleeping bags were handed out along with much needed jackets, clothing items and blankets. There were services and food for pets too. Many churches and organizations came together to love on others. Such an amazing day! All for God’s glory.

Please continue to pray for our new brothers and sisters in Christ.


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