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Read about what our team is currently doing on the streets of our communities. You can also follow our Facebook page here. To God be the glory!


There is no better way to end 2020 than to serve God and see His mighty hand at work in our communities. We praise Him for all the blessings that have been poured out this month and all glory goes to Him for providing faithfully for His people!

This month, through the love and generosity of our volunteers and community impact partners, God enabled BBSM to distribute hundreds of cold weather sleeping bags, treats from Candy Fix, 100 backpacks filled with goodies and much-needed items, Christmas cookies, and hundreds of meals to our neighbors on the streets in Salem and Klamath Falls. We praise God for all those who surrendered their lives to him this month!

At our "We See You Christmas on the 22nd, we celebrated Jesus' birth with our dear neighbors at the Arches building in Salem. Over 250 meals and hundreds of cold weather sleeping bags, tarps, and pounds of clothing were distributed in partnership with The Kindness Closet, Helping Hands, Arches, Cindy Lous, and the Coalition of Advocates for the Unsheltered of Salem.

We want to thank Nachos Locos, Big5 Sporting Goods, Lakepoint Community Church in Keizer, Sheri and Kristy, Camp Agape, Summer and Family, Cindy Lou's BBQ, Candy Fix, Church at the Park, DJ Vincent, SLF, Salem Heights Church, the Kindness Closet, Helping Hands, Arches, and the Coalition of Advocates for the Unsheltered of Salem for their kindness and generosity!

This month in the Philippines, one of the ministries that we support provided many meals and items in community outreach events. Multiple people accepted the free gift of salvation! Please pray for all the new believers! Please pray for all our eternal impact partners in the Philippines! God is doing amazing things there!


As usual, we are continually blown away by the abounding riches of God's love poured out. This month we have been so blessed to be a part of His work in our community!

Partnering with 'I am KBD', we purchased bags filled with hygiene kits and supplies to bless women coming out of homelessness and addiction in Salem. The purchase of these bags also helps to rescue women in Chennai, India out of the sex trade.

Our team, eternal impact partners, and volunteers also distributed 100 tents, 299 meals, coffee gift cards for 50 people within our local sober living programs, protein bars, 40 pounds of candy, 1,250 tarps, and 15 pairs of boots to those in need across Klamath Falls, Oakridge, and Salem. Special thanks to BIG 5 Sporting Goods on South Commercial in Salem, Isaac's Coffee, Physiq Fitness, Candy Fix, Nachos Locos Taco Shop, Diamond Home Improvement Center, Klamath Falls BIG 5 Sporting Goods, and Summer, Madison, and the whole Donily family.

The eighth health connect was such a blast this month as we served our neighbors on the streets. Being able to come together with so many community partners all with the same goal of serving those that are in need was amazing.

In Oakridge, Oregon, Matt and his wife Anna, as well as Josh and his wife Carly shared their testimonies and the love of Jesus at Oakridge Baptist Church. The team delivered the church some much needed items for those in need within that community. We want to thank United Way and Coleman for donating these items! God is so good and his faithfulness so amazing.

Special thanks to Sheriff Chris Kaber of the Klamath County Sheriff's office, who partnered with us so we could put a cold weather sleeping bag in the back of every squad car. Commander Matt Hitchcock from Klamath County fire also partnered with us to equip every fire truck with a cold weather sleeping bag. This is a great way for law enforcement and the fire department to have a life saving item to distribute when needed.

This Thanksgiving we served a meal and shared God’s love to our dear neighbors in the woods. All for Gods glory and His Kingdom!


God is doing amazing things!! This month He enabled us to share the Gospel in downtown Seatlle as well as distribute 100's of pounds of groceries, sleeping bags, gift cards, 42,000 pounds of food to those in need throughout our communities. We are sincerely thankful for our volunteers and community impact partners, including Salem Heights Church, Isaac's/IKE Box, Oakridge First Baptist Church, United Way, Church at the Park, and our partners Pete Bradley and the Union Gospel Mission in Klamath Falls.

Our dear brother and sister Jeff and Naomi were also given the keys to their new home! Please keep them in your prayers and DEFINITELY THANK GOD that they are no longer on the streets. We'd like to give a huge shout out to Salem Housing Authority!

This October we also held our 7th health connect hosted by Church At The Park. We were able to partner with FOODOLOGY Mobile Kitchen and are so thankful that 120 meals were provided to our dear neighbors who call the streets of our city home. We are so thankful for Salem Leadership Foundation, Helping hands, kindness closet, HOME youth services, Salem Housing Authority, Northwest Human services, Homeless Coalition and all our volunteers!


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