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Read about what our team is currently doing on the streets of our communities.

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To God be the glory!


Be Bold Street Ministry in Oregon

Lakepoint Community Church provided 125 cold weather sleeping bags for our dear neighbors who call the streets of our city home.

We had a devotional from The Most Excellent Way with a bunch of fellas that are in a rehab in the jungle on a mountain in Costa Rica. In our session, 8 fellas accepted the free gift of salvation!

Figaro's Pizza baked 75 pizzas for us to take out to do outreach and bless our community.

We had the opportunity to work with Salem Police, Ideal Option, Arches, Northwest Human Services, and the City of Salem to offer help to our unsheltered neighbors. God has allowed us to be a light in a dark place and to share the good news of a risen Savior who makes his people whole to all people groups. So thankful to be apart of what Gods got going on!

The team at Big 5 Sporting Goods on South Commercial have been such a huge blessing to us and our community for many years! We picked up a couple more loads of much needed items for our neighbors who call the streets of our city home.

Ted Ferry, our local State Farm agent responded to one of our unsheltered neighbors in need. We were able to provide the life saving items the guy needed to stay warm and dry. The most important thing that happened was David, the guy we helped, said yes to the free gift of salvation! God is so good and what we get to do is awesome.

We are loving our neighbors who are within New Options. Please send your love to Debbie and her team. Gifts were delivered for all the wonderful folks at New Options.

Gifts were given to the ladies at The Women At The Well Grace House! Check out what’s going on at The Grace House. God is doing amazing things there!

At Soaring Heights Recovery Homes, we were able to help all the moms whose families are being restored and the men in the Falcon house. Super huge shout out to Eric and Victoria!

We’re so thankful for Shari for her love & kindness to those in need around our city. Shari has been helping with much needed items for multiple years. Gods provides!

We had an amazing time at the SLC with Haley from HOME Youth Services. Haley and her team are such a blessing to our community.

A huge shout out to Rick Saffeels and the 5th grade classes at Candalaria and there hearts to help those in need throughout our city! Thank you so much to all the 5th graders and teachers at Candalaria Elementary School!

Amon Crawford and the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission donated 50 cots to our unsheltered neighbors. We drove our trucks down to Klamath Falls and picked them up. It was a beautiful, but dangerous drive. On the way back, Matt’s truck broke down and we had to have it towed back to Salem. Outside of that it was great! We even got to share our testimony with the tow company. We handed these cots out at our Christmas event downtown Salem.

Windermere Heritage have shown love and kindness to those in need throughout our city by providing cold weather jackets for adults and kids.

All for God's glory and His Kingdom! YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!

Christ Centered Transformational Living

God continues to provide for all of our needs! He is great and is pushing this vision along.

We've made great progress on this home with the roof complete, gutters installed, and drywalls repaired, and the outside cleaned up. All installed just in time for this crazy wind and rain. Praise God for His timing and provision!

If you are willing to pray for us, send an email to and you will automatically be added to our weekly updates and prayer team!

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Ministry in the Philippines

This is one of multiple ministries the Lord let us be apart of through His provisions. A huge shout out to our eternal impact partners The OCMA in the beautiful nation of the Philippines!

This is an opportunity the Lord provided us to support many in multiple communities!

Ministry in the Dominican Republic

This is one of the meal ministries the Lord allows us to be a part of by way of His provisions! Please pray for Pastor Franklyn and everyone he ministers to in the Dominican Republic!

The 2021 Christmas We See You Event

This was an awesome opportunity to love our neighbors as ourselves!

14 people gave their life to the Lord today, 500 meals were provided, 350 sleeping bags went out, 70 cots, 194 tents and 3 people were connected with treatment.

Kindness closet, Arches, Helping Hands and Ideal Option treatment all came together to provide Christmas for our unsheltered neighbors.

Cindy Lou’s BBQ, and Foodology provided the meals. So many community partners all loved our our folks at this event. God is so good!

Huge Thanks to Our Eternal Impact Partners

We are so thankful for the hearts of those who desire to serve God and love their neighbors by providing meals for all who call the streets of our city home! We want to give a huge shoutout to everyone who helped out and partnered with us in this ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ this month:

  • Lakepoint Community Church

  • Tim & Brad at Big 5 Sporting Goods

  • The Most Excellent Way

  • Figaro's Pizza

  • Salem Police

  • Ideal Option

  • Arches

  • Northwest Human Services

  • City of Salem

  • The ROCC

  • The SOCC

  • Ted Ferry at State Farm

  • The Women At The Well Grace House

  • New Options

  • Soaring Heights Recovery Homes

  • Shari

  • Union Gospel Mission of Salem

  • HOME Youth Services

  • Rick Saffeels and the 5th grade classes at Candalaria Elementary School

  • Christ Centered Transformational Living

  • The OCMA in the Philippines

  • Amon Crawford and the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission

  • The LEAD Program and LEAD Navigator Hank Crapser

  • Windermere Heritage

  • Kindness Closet

  • Helping Hands

  • Cindy Lou's BBQ

  • Foodology

  • David Luke and the Dads program

  • and so many more!


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