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Read about what our team is currently doing on the streets of our communities.

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Serving Our Neighbors

We are so thankful for our community impact partners IDEAL OPTIONS, The ROCC, CALVARY CHAPEL, and ADULT AND TEEN CHALLENGE. We are out doing what God has called us for: loving our neighbors in the streets, highways and byways. The gospel was shared, prayers were prayed, and connections to services were made. All for God’s glory and His Kingdom! YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!

Mexico Mission Trip

This month we went on a trip to Mexico with a mission to preach the Gospel and share the love of Jesus Christ. We went down to Merida and Campeche Mexico.

We had the opportunity to share in a lockdown Rehab and two other treatment centers. There are numerous reasons for it being a lockdown facility. The number one reason is Safety. God is so good and we expected to see miraculous things while we were there.

31 guys said yes to the free gift of salvation!!! Guys actively involved with the cartels are now serving Jesus and not themselves.

Matthew shared his testimony and people responded with commitment to Jesus! What an amazing time in God's word.

We shared the Gospel with a group of kids and around 20 kids all said yes to the free gift of salvation. Our young friend Cheyan with his mom at his side also was willing to come forward and tell everyone that he accepted Jesus. This was super cool, and lots of fun.

Fun fact: at a check point when you are all asked to get out of the car, fastest way to be done with it is to start sharing about Jesus.

After our team dinner we stopped by the elevator to talk with one of the employees at the hotel who happened to grow up in California. Long story short, Juan gave his life to the Lord! God is so good. Being Bold about your conversation is very important. Praise God for what He is doing. Please keep praying for us.

Our amazing team has been working so hard to make this trip happen! The even greater thing is that they won’t stop once we are gone. They will continue to be about the Lord's work. We are so thankful for our church family here in Mérida Mexico.

At another facility Mathew went and shared about Jesus and what He has done in his life. The fact is that Jesus wants to meet these people right where they are. 33 guys gave their lives to Jesus. Many of them self-professed being a part of drug cartels. It’s awesome that none of that matters to Jesus, he wants to come in and change everything!

So thankful for all that God is doing!

Shane's Baptism

Praise God! This is our dear brother Shane. I met Shane on the phone through his family while he was incarcerated and we, together through Christ, set a plan for when he got out. As soon as he hit the gate, Shane and his family got ahold of me and then when he was done at the courthouse we met up. That day we talked about real victory through Christ.

Shane has been saved for awhile but was a wayward prince until he rededicated his life to Christ. We connected him to one of our community partners, The UGM of Salem, and he was welcomed into their NLF program. He has continued to be engaged in Biblical discipleship ever since.

A couple months later, God let me be a part of baptizing Shane. All for God’s glory and His Kingdom! YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!


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