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Updated: Jun 25

Our team is still out on the streets of Salem, Oregon, sharing the Gospel and providing food, masks, and other supplies to our neighbors on the street. We are so thankful for all the community members, businesses, and organizations who have sacrificed their time and resources to help us carry out this effort. We have been blessed to provide our neighbors on the street over 15,000 meals during the COVID-19 quarantine. Follow this post for updates on what God is doing through BBSM and the Salem community during the COVID-19 crisis. We


We have been busy this month and so blessed to serve our neighbors on the streets during this COVID-19 crisis. As always, we are thankful for our amazing community partners who have all come together to help meet needs for those on the streets of Salem. Through God's provision we have been able to provide over 1,000 meals to our neighbors on the streets in this month alone, as well as distribute clothing among other necessities. We are thankful for Nachos Locos, Alluvium Health, Church at the Park, Foodology Mobile Kitchen, Northwest Human Services, the ARCHES Project, Marion Polk Food Share, Daynight Donuts, Women at the Well Grace House, Bearscat Bakehouse, King Donuts, and our friend Timo.

God also allowed us to be a part of distributing thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to those in need in Klamath Falls, Oakridge, and Salem Oregon


God has let us be apart of what He is doing in Salem, and it is amazing to see Him provide so much food and supplies for our dear neighbors on the streets. We are so thankful for the Strom and Search families, Chris and Johnny with Cindy Lou's, the entire Alluvium team, Church At The Park, ARCHES, Taylor's House Northwest Human Services, Foodology Mobile Kitchen, Isaac's, Nacho's Locos, Sanchos Tacos and Salem Heights Church. Our community has come together in unity to provide supplies and over 1,520 meals for our neighbors on the streets in May alone.

We praise God for Kim, a friend on the street who accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. Please pray for our new sister in Christ!


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